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Practical Positive Parenting Workshops


  • Enjoy your children                                                                  
  • Encourage positive character traits and behavior               
  • Practical, interactive presentations and group discussions

What parenets are saying...

"The workshops really helped me listen to my kids and find positive ways to discipline them. I know I am a better parent for my kids now."

"The developmental facts helped me understand the possible reasons for my child's behaviors. I really appreciated those in the small group. They listened to me and encouraged me. Their ideas really helped me."

"The workshops were awesome. I learned how to teach my child to do the behavior I want them to do instead of telling them what not to do."




Connecting Churches with Communities

The Alaska Christian Ministries Association serves the needs of Alaskans by equipping and connecting churches, agencies and families.

We provide parenting workshops, educational consulting, local church teacher training and sponsors specialized seminars for church leaders and teachers.


Alaska Christian Ministries also facilitates the networking of church teachers, leaders and workers to accomplish together what cannot be done in ministry by any one church.