Why take a parenting class?



Parenting Classes


Seven Weekly Workshops include the following:

  • Family Dinner
  • Study Topics include:
    • Child Development
    • Character Development
    • Communication Challenges
    • Family Communication
    • Behavioral Changes
    • Positive Discipline
    • Challenging Behaviors
  • Activities and Care for Children
  • Sessions for Teens


By the end of the Workshops

Parents will know what is necessary to build a healthy family. They will have concrete tools to use in rebuilding their family.

Teens and children will know what happens in a healthy family. They will have a few tools for Improved communication in the family.

After A Few Months of Improved Parenting

Parents will use their plan for child character development. They will identify resources and support groups in the community for help with future parenting issues.

Teens and children will begin to feel significant in their families and develop positive character as they respond to improved parenting.

Improved Parenting Can Change Families with Time

Families will become healthier and more functional. Parents will become teachers of children and will assist teens and children in taking responsibility for their own actions.

Parenting Class Layout

Weekly Agenda

6:00 PM Family Dinner
6:30 - 8:00 PM Workshops on Family needs (one topic each night)
What is Normal Child Development
   - What should I expect from my child
Choosing Cultural & Family Values
   - How do I develop Character in my children
Family Communication
   - Encourage Kids by Talking to Them
Behavior Change
   - Positive ways to change Kids Behavior
A Positive Discipline Plan
   - Practical positive ways to correct negative behaviors
Understanding Challenging Behaviors
   - Understanding what causes some difficult behaviors
Challenging Communication